The Company, The Founder, and The Objects.

23X Company was founded in 2010, with the goal of sharing amazing antiques, jewelry, art and vintage items. I started the shop on Etsy and have loved meeting all the amazing people there. I don't have a brick and mortar store but this is the next best thing, an eAntique store.

The company was created as a compliment to my design studio in Portland Maine. And if you are wondering why the 23? It's because I am located in Maine and Maine was the 23rd state inducted into the union. Besides, it beats the heck out of Mainely Old Stuff.

There is an intrinsic uniqueness in every item once it has been used. A one of a kind relic is left behind each with its own story. Heirlooms, lost relics, both found, cleaned and repurposed are the influence for the unique pieces I make that accompany the items I find.

It is history, quality and materials that drive the hunt that brings these unique items into daylight and into your hands.

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